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Support Ballet Frontier

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What your support means to us
Bringing Performances Straight to You

With your support Ballet Frontier can bring the arts straight you- wherever you are in Texas. We pride ourselves in our ability to bring beautiful, unique, high-quality performances to all types of audiences throughout North Texas. This includes but is not limited to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Granbury, and Waco. With your support, we can bring ballet directly to you. 


Ballet Frontier strives to create a warm, welcoming environment and community that makes classical art forms accessible for all audiences. With your support, we can bring ballet to public school students, elderly communities, and other groups that often do not have the opportunity to learn about or see classical ballet. Additionally, we strive to provide educational tools to help teach the next generation about classical arts.


With your donations, Ballet Frontier can not only bring performances to diversified audiences but can continue to educate young children through adults about classical ballet. Through Lena Pope and other non-profits, Ballet Frontier teaches ballet classes to encourage all students to be more active, disciplined, and confident in their daily lives. 

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