Victoria Trimble


Victoria is thrilled to be with the Ballet Frontier for her third season! She started dancing at the age of thirteen with Stephenville Dance Center. She has been training at the Ballet Center for the past year and has grown tremendously thanks to the wonderful teachers there. Some of  her favorite past credits include Coppelia, Sleeping Beauty, Western Symphony,The Lady of the Camellias, Peter Pan, and Alice in  Wonderland. She's frequently involved in theatre and has such a passion for the performing arts, but her first love is definitely ballet. 




"On the other side of the forest, Guest Artist Grant Dettling (King Oberon) and Anastacia Snyder (Queen Titania) performed a simply beautiful pas de deux with elongated extensions and shoulder lifts that finished with Snyder cradled in Dettling’s arms. The catch was Snyder was asleep for the duration which came through her downcast eyes and relaxed upper body. A difficult feat to accomplish in this regimented art form, but Snyder pulled it off with ease. Snyder also got to show off her whimsical side in her dance with Bottom (Jake Yarbrough) and later her natural exuberance in a series of fast piques and fouettes turns." - Katie Dravenstott, Theater Jones

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